Northlight USA

The Northlight advantage

Assembled in the USA from foreign and domestic materials and custom computer CNC milled per each specific project requirement, Northlight products feature; superior engineering, quality, design, energy performance and pricing.  Northlight has engineered the best quality sliding and bi-folding doors that exist in the market.  We use superior quality T 5/6 aluminum with top quality PVDF finishes.  Stainless steel hardware using the finest #304 & #316 Stainless steel components.  All of our products come standard with 6 mm glass that is dual glazed with argon gas filled pockets; our competition has 4 mm glass standard.  We offer tinting factory tinting at a very small up-charge on our products.  All of our products feature energy efficient insulated energy efficient thermal profiles that are STANDARD and do not cost more money; a 40% savings over our competition.   This refers to the insulation inside of the aluminum frame which is coined in the industry as; “Thermally Broken”.  Meaning that the thermal energy transfer is broken by insulation.  This results in superior energy performance.

The door pictured has the following energy performance ratings:

ENERGY PERFORMANCE RATINGS (using actual results from simulated modeling; actual performance rather than estimated)

U-Factor  0.27 US  Metric 1.53

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient  0.24

Visible transmittance  .68

Air leakage (less than 0.3 US and 1.5 Metric

Condensation Resistance 44